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Your incoming messages often relate to the same issues. You can set rules such as If / Then, or make use of the automatic keyword search. For instance, detect among your incoming messages those that concern your support or sales teams, and assign these tickets directly to them.

Organise the distribution of tasks between your team members according to their workload or availability. One of your colleagues is overwhelmed or absent? Don't send him or her any more tasks for a few hours to relieve him or her !

Use automation rules to focus on the messages you think are worthy of interest, and filter out those that do not require your intervention. A comment from a client who tags a friend on your post is nice, but you have bigger fish to fry !

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Tickets automation

You don't want to have to go through your open tickets to decide which ones should remain open, and which ones don't need to be open any more. And we understand you. Our automations allow you to avoid this. For example, you can decide that a customer who hasn't answered you for 48 hours is no longer interested in his initial request, and automatically close his ticket.

In addition, our trigger system allows you to upgrade your tickets according to events that you determine. For example, you can decide to automatically send an additional support proposal to a customer who would give you a bad NPS.

Finally, our automatic classification function allows you to know at a glance where you stand with each ticket, without even having to open it. Would you like to display all the tickets for which your customers are waiting for you? It's done in one click. Would you like to have a view of all the tickets for which you are expecting a return from your customers? Filter them in an instant.

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Canned answers

Writing the same messages over and over again wastes a lot of your team's time. From short greeting messages to technical writing explaining a complex problem, all your recurring messages can be integrated into your library!

Group your canned answers by service or by theme. Update them very quickly and make them personal with variable fields adaptable to each of your interlocutors.

Access your canned answers in one click when you are chatting with one of your customers, and edit them if necessary. You save time by avoiding writing, and your client receives a quicker response. Everybody wins!

reactive customer service
customer service history

Data export

Automatically route new leads to your favorite CRM or marketing automation tools. This ensures that you don't miss out on any opportunities that may be present in the messages you receive.

Using our integration with Zappier, you have access to a multitude of destinations for the information you receive by message. It's up to you to choose what you want to do with it!

Finally, set up automatic notifications from your events to make sure you never miss anything.

Bring fluidity to your whole team


Make sure you never miss an opportunity. Inform all your potential prospects in the blink of an eye, regardless of the channel through which they contact you. By being more responsive, you will make an incredible impression on your prospects and you will earn their trust.


Offer your customers irreproachable support. Answer all their requests instantly, whatever their origin, and show them that their satisfaction is your priority.


Take advantage of our sophisticated reporting system that will allow you to always be certain that all your customers or leads have received a response in a controlled timeframe. Get valuable information on the flow of requests handled by your teams and the activity generated by your social network accounts.

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