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Centralise all the information that your customers should know in a knowledge base. This will save you a lot of time by directing your customers directly to the right information. Your customers will have more confidence in your service as they know it is well documented.

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Structure your knowledge

Centralise all the information that you want to explain to your customers in an organised manner

Explain well

Use our premium features to clearly explain any subject you want

Provide multi-language support

Display your content in as many language as you like

Collect insights

Know what information your customers are looking for

Structured content

Your customers have a lot of questions, and you surely have answers for them.

Rather than having to reinvent the wheel at every interaction, centralise all the issues they may encounter in our knowledge base.

Structure the content of your knowledge base by type of issue or by use case, as you prefer.

Update your content in one click with our integrated editor. No need to know how to code!

avoid scattered messages

Explanations, without the boring side

Make sure your customers understand you without having a headache !

Add helpful content to your knowledge base's articles like photos, videos, infografics, links - anything you want, so that your customers understand you easily.

Don't know how to start ? You can browse among our amazing template collection.

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Be understood by everyone wherever he comes from

Show your customers that you value them by adapting to all their particular situations!

Our knowledge base system supports multi-language functionality. Would you like to create a version of your articles in Chinese or German? No problem, you can create a clone of your database in another language in 2 clicks.

In the same way, whether your customers consult your articles from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, their reading comfort of the knowledge base will always be impeccable.

reactive customer service
customer service history

Collect information to improve your support

If you want to continuously improve, you'll love the analysis features we've built into our knowledge base.

Our algorithm constantly analyses your customers' behaviour, and shows you the number of article hits, the paragraphs that have caught your customers' attention the most, as well as a lot of other information.

This allows you to understand what information your customers are really interested in, and to ensure that it is always presented in the best possible way.

Bring fluidity to your whole team


Make sure you never miss an opportunity. Inform all your potential prospects in the blink of an eye, regardless of the channel through which they contact you. By being more responsive, you will make an incredible impression on your prospects and you will earn their trust.


Offer your customers irreproachable support. Answer all their requests instantly, whatever their origin, and show them that their satisfaction is your priority.


Take advantage of our sophisticated reporting system that will allow you to always be certain that all your customers or leads have received a response in a controlled timeframe. Get valuable information on the flow of requests handled by your teams and the activity generated by your social network accounts.

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