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Offer your customers a modern way to reach you directly from your website. Show them that you are responsive and collect valuable information about them

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Be modern

No more contact forms! Nowadays, customers are used to using live chats

Prove your responsiveness

Since its designed for instantaneous exchange, a live chat is the best way to respond quickly

Call to action

Send incentives to your customers according to the pages they are on

Convert new customers

Grab the attention of visitors to your site who are not yet your customers and bring them into the loop

A modern live chat

It's time to say goodbye to your contact forms!

Nowadays, your customers are using live chats, which offer them a much more intuitive experience.

We have therefore designed an aesthetic and modern live chat worthy of what your customers expect to find on your site.

The messages exchanged in this live chat are, of course, integrated into your Heyreach messaging system.

avoid scattered messages

Integrate it in seconds

No need to be a code ace!

Our live chat can be integrated into your site in a few seconds, whatever the hosting method (Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow, or even your own site).

All you have to do is copy a few lines of code and place them in your code, or in the administration interface of your CMS.

multi channel communication software

Trigger calls to action

A customer who squints at one of your products?
Offer him more information on this product!

Another who comes several times to consult a collection without buying anything?
Give him a coupon code!

A customer who seems to be stuck during the payment process? Send him/her an automatic help to unblock it.

Our contextual system allows you to send your visitors information according to the pages they are on in order to accompany them on their journey.

reactive customer service
customer service history

Build your workflow

Save time by customising your live chat to make it an ally in your mission toward accompanying your customers better.

You can integrate pre-qualification buttons, and redirect your customers to your FAQ or knowledge base.

This allows them to go faster and relieves your teams of repetitive questions. It's a win-win !

Bring fluidity to your whole team


Make sure you never miss an opportunity. Inform all your potential prospects in the blink of an eye, regardless of the channel through which they contact you. By being more responsive, you will make an incredible impression on your prospects and you will earn their trust.


Offer your customers irreproachable support. Answer all their requests instantly, whatever their origin, and show them that their satisfaction is your priority.


Take advantage of our sophisticated reporting system that will allow you to always be certain that all your customers or leads have received a response in a controlled timeframe. Get valuable information on the flow of requests handled by your teams and the activity generated by your social network accounts.

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