Omnichannel communication

Gather all your communication streams in a unique dashboard for more control and significantly improve your customer experience.

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Reduce delays

Stop wasting time by constantly moving from one platform to another

Get all the data

Keep all the information about your customers in one centralized dashboard

Prevent errors

Make sure you don't forget to reply to chats from a platform you don't check

Improve satisfaction

Make your customers satisfied with your quick and personalised answers

Say goodbye to scattered messages

Nowadays, your contacts are too undisciplined to reach you only by email.

And let's be honest, navigating between different platforms' chats is the best way to lose tracks of their requests.

This will only lead your team to struggle answering all your clients requests, which is the fastest path toward delivering a poor experience. This is why you must use an omnichannel communication software.

avoid scattered messages

Meet your new omnichannel communication tool

Heyreach provides you with a modern inbox, which will be the only tool you need to communicate with your clients.

Plug within seconds all your favorites accounts : Facebook, Instagram, email, WhatsApp, live chat, SMS, and many more.

You can now deal with your clients request without having to navigate between a multitude of platforms.

multi channel communication software

Respond faster

With all your communications being gathered in a single dashboard, you will automatically gain time by having everything at your fingertips.

Moreover, our automation features will help saving time on recurrent requests.

Therefore, our omnichannel communication tool will significantly accelerate your customer service, which is a key factor of clients' satisfaction !

reactive customer service
customer service history

Access all the relevant context

Nothing is worst than asking a customer to give an information he already gave, right ?

Practicing omnichannel communication with our powerful integrations will allow you to access all the information you need in seconds.

You can find everything you want by browsing among multi-channel chat history, CRM, apps, etc.

Bring fluidity to your whole team


Make sure you never miss an opportunity. Inform all your potential prospects in the blink of an eye, regardless of the channel through which they contact you. By being more responsive, you will make an incredible impression on your prospects and you will earn their trust.


Offer your customers irreproachable support. Answer all their requests instantly, whatever their origin, and show them that their satisfaction is your priority.


Take advantage of our sophisticated reporting system that will allow you to always be certain that all your customers or leads have received a response in a controlled timeframe. Get valuable information on the flow of requests handled by your teams and the activity generated by your social network accounts.

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Use Heyreach and join the best multi channel communication tool of the market.

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